Here's what customers and clients are saying:
From "Aligning Priorities, Goals, and Habits for SUCCESS", NYC (6/26/08)
  • Challenging - the program left me unsettled in a good way.  I have more of a desire to change things in my life.
  • Very worthwhile.  Wonderful experience, very helpful, very valuable information!
  • Self-motivating.  The sessions make you realize a lot about yourself.  I took it a year ago and my goal was to get out of debt.  I now have paid off one student loan, one credit card, and half of another one.  Now I’m concentrating on retiring!
  • The session made me realize a lot.  Very helpful, insightful.  Thank you for helping me open my mind and really think about things I don’t think about.
  • Helpful!  The exercises helped me think of and vocalize goals I had never thought about. And areas of my life I hadn’t realized I was neglecting.  The workshop made me introspect, which I never make enough time for on my own.
  • Focusing.  The session helped me crystallize an action plan for an area of my life I thought was “under control” - but which I kept putting off. I feel like there’s more structure for achieving my goals now.
  • I thought about my life in a whole new way.
From "Contemplating Your Career: What Should I Do With My Life?" Shirlington, VA (4/16/08)
  • The session made me think and asked questions that I might not think about on my own.
  • Valuable session to begin thinking about career possibilities!
  • Educational and insightful, Lee makes you ask yourself all the right questions. 
  • Very helpful, thanks!
From "Aligning Priorities, Goals, and Habits for SUCCESS", Oakland CA (3/16/08)
  • This was a great way to organize all of my inner thoughts in a way that makes me able to DO something about them.
  • A fun and engaging way to really focus on and complete life priorities/goal setting exercises.
  • I reflect a lot on my life already.  This workshop helped me bring structure and direction to my thoughts. 
  • Helped to put life's priorities into perspective!
  • I've always known that I have trouble living into my priorities, but it was enlightening to write it down and see what actions I can take to alter that pattern.
  • I think these workshops are a great way to begin to become more self-aware and proactive.
  • Sometimes you need a kick in the pants and this helped to give me one.


 From "YOU in the New Year", DC (1/5/08)

  • It was a great opportunity to find out a little bit more about myself and to start setting and meeting some of my goals.
  • It's great to get some ideas and goals verbalized with others.  Motivation and excitement are contagious!
  • Great way to spend a Saturday morning - setting aside time to think and plan!
  • If you need a personal diagnostic, this is a great place to start!

From "Contemplating Your Career", DC (12/15/07)
  • I came in with the attitude that "it can never hurt to think about my goals for an hour," but I was really surprised by the ideas Lee has to help focus ideas and help develop a plan.
  • This got me thinking about what I like to do, am good at, and where I want to focus my energy in both the short and long term.
  • I've thought about my job/career path a lot, but I still learned important things about myself, and enjoyed hearing people talk about their difficulties and desires.
  • I learned a lot about myself through learning about others.  It really got me thinking about what I need to do next.
  • Bring an open mind - this will really make you think about what you value in your career.

From "Inquire Within", DC (12/8/07)

  • Immensely insightful.  Empowers you to reflect honestly.
  • Guided reflection and inspired feedback helped me accomplish introspection and formalize goals
  • Everybody should take the time to examine their life and really discover who they are.
  • The workshop is a worthwhile opportunity to consider your current situation and weigh possible changes in your life to maximize your satisfaction.

From "Life Approaching 30", Miami (12/2/07)
  • A great activity for anyone proactively looking to change their direction and course of their lives.
  • I found the session timely and relevant for the life changes on the horizon.
  • It's so useful to put the stuff that swirls around in your head down on paper - it seems like the first step to taking productive steps.
  • Important self-work that everyone should engage in.
  • You gave me my life back as mine, but better.
  • It helps to understand that many other people are having the same (or similar) pressures, thoughts, goals, and worries as I have.
  • Structured exercises remind you of the value of reflection.
  • I always thought the subject I knew the most about was myself, but Lee's work helped me see new things about myself that will translate into me becoming a better version of myself.

From "Inquire Within", Brooklyn (11/25/07)
  • The answers lie within and are discovered through the process of inspiration and investigation.
  • Lee's questions made me realize that there were things that I was interested in that I hadn't taken seriously before.
  • This workshop forced me to look at the parts of my life that aren't working and are challenging/difficult to think about on my own.
  • When you talk about your life, and put it all in writing, you begin to put it into perspective and realize the things you can do to make a change.
  • I enjoyed the workshop and thought the questions were very interesting.
  • The workshop helped me consider possibilities I hadn't thought of and I'm excited to explore them.  I'm at a crossroads in my career and I think it helped me figure out potential solutions.
  • The workshop makes you focus in on who you are and what your passions and strengths are.
  • Worth the effort!